Support Donald J Trump Movie

     On August/02/2020 7:pm


   Synopsis: Actor Thomas Mundy 

plays Donald  J  Trump in 

the independent feature




Donald Trump The Chosen

1 hr 45 mins

The world is facing two deadly pandemic


 The Corona-virus !


 Violent Career criminals who pray on the innocent the vulnerable,and the weak.

Donald  J  Trump Has Been 

Empowered,and Chosen

 as a leader to

Find  a vaccine to save hundreds of thousands of lives before is to late



to implement his own laws to eliminate all violent career criminals

In The United States

Of America

    Operation mindset  a secret society called  The Dark  Angels consisting of millions of Americans fed up of being victimize at the hands of violent criminals  


The Dark Angels are the eyes and ears of  

Donald J Trump who stance to

protect the innocent the 

vulnerable the weak

from all walks of life.

We the people from all  over the world 

must unite together as one,

and support the man that will

implement  laws that will protect

every one from the human race.

    Donald J Trump

       For 2020

We like to thank you for your donations, and generous contributions in support of

Donald  J  Trump

The Chosen One

To be released on August/02/2020