Release date

            October/4/2020 7:pm

 Donald J Trump Movie 2020



 SYNOPSIS: Donald Trump The Chosen


The World Unites: Humanity is facing two Deadly Pandemics the Corona-Virus out break ,and violent career criminals being release from prisons.


They are kidnapping,raping,killing,and drugging our children.The time has come to set aside Politics ,Religion,and personal conflicts.


The American people,and people throughout the world are gathering as one from all walks of life to defeat the evil among us.


A vaccine for the Corona-Virus is near but the violent criminals are out praying on our loves ones the innocent the vulnerable,and the weak.


President Donald J Trump played by Thomas Mundy is implementing solutions to due what ever it takes to protect the American people,and everyone from throughout the planet.

Actor Wilfredo Torres Jr plays Police Captain Frank Santos. Frank was trained by The United States Army with six other soldiers under Operation Mindset.


Upon Frank coming back to the United States he becomes a police captain. Frank is set in his ways programmed to kill violent criminals.  


Actress Elisa Gonzalez plays Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes that that the world is coming to an end within the next 12 years should changes not be made Now! .


She  fights ,and protects the legal rights of those who are less fortunate in our society.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believe that no one is above the law ,and due process needs to be Enforce.  


Donald J Trump has been empowered by a higher means, and chosen as a leader to find a cure to save millions of lives before it is too late.


He is implementing his own laws to eliminate all violent career criminals in the United States of America, and throughout the world.


​Donald  J Trump has implemented "Operation Mindset" a secret society called "The Dark Angels" Dark Angel actress Yadira Camacho is recruiting victims of crimes to help with the war against the evil that hurts our society.


The Dark Angels consisting of millions of law abiding citizens fed up of being victimized at the hands of violent criminals. 


They are the eyes and ears in the deadly streets reporting to Donald J Trump the daily criminals Activity. He stands to protect the innocent, the vulnerable, and the weak from all walks of life.


We the people from all over the world must unite together as one, and support the man that will implement laws to protect everyone who is being victimized.


Donald J. Trump is supported by the majority of Americans, and is Re-elected in 2020. For his next four years in term he with the support,and  help of all Americans people builds to economy bigger stronger than ever.   


Would like to thank you for your donations, and generous contributions in supporting to promote the "Donald Trump The Chosen" movie.


Producer Director Wilfredo Torres Jr would like to thank the more then 200 hundred aspiring actors,and actresses for devoting their time for the pass five years to making an amazing feature film for 2020.


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         Actor Wilfredo Torres

              In The Prayer

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